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/ month

Perfect for testing the bot.

- Unlimited FAQ answers

- Add up to 10 FAQs

- Unlimited knowledge documents

20 000 monthly credits:
  • ~25 Lite AI answers

- 50+ supported languages


/ month

For automating support on small community servers.

- Add up to 50 FAQs

- List unlimited questions for FAQs**

500 000 monthly credits:
  • ~550 Lite AI answers
  • or ~65 Advanced AI answers

+ Everything in free plan

Customized BotMost popular

/ month

Perfectly tailored to your brand. Customize your bot to reflect your unique brand.

- Custom bot avatar, name, bio etc.

- Add up to 200 FAQs

- Good support & assistance

1 500 000 monthly credits:
  • ~1700 Lite AI answers
  • or ~200 Advanced AI answers

+ Everything in premium plan

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Small business

/ month

Chatbot designed for small businesses and powered by the best AI (GPT-4), to automate customer support, saving you time and money.

- Most accurate answers (GPT-4)

- Add Unlimited FAQs

- Priority support & assistance

5 000 000 monthly credits:
  • ~12 500 Lite AI answers
  • or ~1 500 Advanced AI answers

+ Everything in customized bot plan

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/ month

Unlimited chatbot! Unlimited everything (use custom OpenAI API key)!

- Unlimited answers (custom API key)

- Add Unlimited FAQs, Knowledge sources etc.

- Priority support & assistance

- Use custom OpenAI API key for unlimited credits (+ small business credits each month)

+ Everything in small business plan

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Want to talk to us first? Contact us on the Discord server.
What are credits?

The AI consumes credits when answering questions. Longer answers and more advanced features consume more credits. Sometimes the bot will consume credits just to consider whether it should answer a question. On average you get one answer for every 800 credits (or 8000 with Expert AI). (Credits are about the same as GPT tokens)

Are plans user specific or server specific?

The plan is only for one server and all staff members can access the bot's panel. Make sure you purchase the plan on the correct server (or ask us to transfer it)

Why credits instead of limiting the number of answers?

We want to provide the best possible answers for the lowest price. By using credits, we can offer cheaper pricing and more flexibility to different use cases. We have the same goal with you: the best possible answers for the lowest price. We can add new (optional) features and settings without changing pricing or going bankrupt :). After all, you won't be paying more because someone else wants the bot to write 2 page answers for every question and we will still let them do that (it just consumes more credits for them)!

What happens if I run out of credits?

The bot will no longer search your documents for an answer. However, FAQs and linking to previous similar questions will still work.

Can I change plans?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. The payment will be prorated so you won't be paying twice.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. The bot will continue to work until the end of the billing period.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards through Stripe and PayPal.

What is the difference between Lite AI and Expert AI?

You can choose between AI models. Lite AI (GPT-3.5) is fast and cheap but less accurate. Expert AI (GPT-4) is a lot more accurate but consumes 10x more credits. You can switch between them at any time.

Do you recommend the Lite AI or Expert AI?

We recommend the Expert AI if you want reliable answers related to your service/product. It does not make up things and is a lot smarter. If you're ok with the occasional weird answer and use it for more general questions, Lite AI is a good choice.

* Use ChatGPT for accurate responses using FAQs and your documents. Wallu automatically decides between cheaper models and the best models (GPT-4) for each answer depending on how many credits you have and how difficult the user's question is. (Credits are not equal to ChatGPT/OpenAI API tokens).
** For each FAQ you can have multiple example question to improve accuracy and coverage.
*** Credits are not shared between servers or bots and are not refundable or transferable. They are valid as long as Wallu remains active.